Code of Practice

The AHCP Code of Practice is followed by all those who join the AHCP.
The code helps to give clients confidence in the treatment that they receive from our members.
The AHCP Code of Practice states that:
  • Members of the Association must act in the best interests of their clients, treating every client with respect and dignity, remembering at all times that this is a professional relationship and that they should act accordingly.
  • Members must adopt high levels of professionalism, including strict adherence to appropriate professional conduct.
  • Members must practice within the levels of their training qualifications. They must not contravene a client’s medical advice. Only a medical doctor can make a medical diagnosis.
  • Members must refer any client with undiagnosed symptoms to a medical practitioner.
  • Members must adopt strict levels of confidentiality and ensure that they comply with all aspects of the Data Protection Act 2018.
  • Members must not misinterpret their qualifications, nor do anything to bring their training/profession or the Association into disrepute.
  • Practitioner members are encouraged to undertake continuing professional development.
To become a member of AHCP, please call us on 01409 220 406